Good Soap Makes a Difference

Many non-metrosexual men think it is normal to have dry, scaly, itchy legs. “Oh, I put some lotion on once and it doesn’t work, so why bother.”

But it doesn’t really take much effort to feel much more comfortable and not be sporting “Grampa legs.” No offence intended to grandfathers, but you know what I mean…it’s not a look associated with youth or vibrant health, rather associated with primate-ish scratching, grumpiness, yellow weird toenails and the other assorted senior badges of honor.

So do yourself a favor guys, and bump up to a gentle natural soap, leap to recognition  that scalding showers probably cook your skin some what, and putting on moisturizing lotion is one of those small daily habits that has true benefits, like brushing your teeth.

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Hydration is a Fountain of Youth.

The skin is the largest and most visible organ of our bodies. When the skin is healthy and unharmed it glows and has a lush suppleness and skin care needs are minimal. However over time we can’t avoid stress to the skin.  While sun, wind, toxins, allergens, and  temperature extremes can stress the skin, smart active people have discovered many practical solutions to overcome these irritants.

Avoiding skin dehydration is often overlooked and minimized. Lifestyle can be a critical factor linked to premature aging and stressed skin.  Tobacco smokers prematurely age their skin with nicotine constricting surface capillaries, and there are chronic reductions in vital nutrients, etc.. As with smoking, another lifestyle choice that tends to dry , age and dull skin is overdoing coffee, alcohol and carbonated beverages. Relying on water to flush out our wastes and when we overdo  unhealthy substances….we end up doing extra flushing…and we can end up snowballing into dehydration and dehydrated skin. While most people already know that these aren’t so great in excess, it appears by size of beverage contains and the ubiquity of Starbucks that this ignored a lot.

So to feel better and look your best, try doing your skin a favor, and pass on the 52 oz. Mountain Dew. I have been substituting green tea, and when I am drinking, I see this choice as an improvement, switching up to a natural health tonic, that happens to taste good and refresh, having a nice mild grassy taste. Here, my inner message is like giving myself an mental high five.  This goes along things like taking the time to get a relaxation massage or deep cleansing facial. Reminders that self care is key are vital but worth it. Our lazy junky habits can be selectively nudged towards healthier choices. Awareness and nutrition knowledge can lead to making smart food and drink choices. Ultimately the gain being longer lasting health, happiness and general wellness.

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Something New for the New Year

Now available at Executive Face & Body/ San Diego Manscaping: Hard Wax.
Excellent for those super sensitive areas like nostrils, ears, ball sacks and bats !

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